Facebook and Oculus are moving forward with their big VR dream, showing off new hardware, software, developer tools, and more at Oculus Connect 4. Here’s a list of all products announced by Facebook at the Oculus Connect 4 VR conference.

VR Hardware Announcements

Oculus Go


An all-new standalone headset that doesn’t require you to snap in a phone or attach a cable. It’ll be available early 2018 and cost $199. Oculus Go is hands-down the easiest way for people to get into VR. It’s perfect for people who haven’t experienced VR before to play games, watch movies, or hang out with friends. Oculus Go features orientation tracking and will ship with a 3DOF controller. Dev kits will ship in November.

Project Santa Cruz

Project Santa Cruz

The latest update to our work on Santa Cruz, a completely untethered, positionally tracked headset. Over the past year, we’ve brought in fully tracked 6DOF controllers to enable true hand presence in a standalone form factor. This helps deliver Rift-like immersive content in a standalone headset. We’ll get them into developer hands next year.

New Permanent Price for Rift


The Rift bundle is available right now on Oculus website and retailers worldwide for $399 (was $499).

Oculus for Business


An all-in-one solution for businesses looking to integrate VR for workplace training, collaboration, retail sales, and much more. Each bundle includes Rift, Touch, three sensors, extra facial interfaces, and a four-meter dual input cable. Available for sale online (at www.oculus.com/business), the bundle also includes dedicated customer support, as well as a new commercial license and warranty, and is priced at $900.

New Oculus Software

Rift Core 2.0


The first major redesign of the core Rift software experience includes two systems: Dash and a completely re-designed Oculus Home.



The new UI and universal menu experience in Rift. Bring your entire PC desktop and dock of apps to an overlay that carries across your virtual space; use intuitive Touch controls to work and play in VR.

Oculus Home


Opens up the platform for customization and expression. Design your own place in VR with environments, decorative elements, and interactive gadgets. You can also share and visit your friends’ places to see what they’ve created, with more opportunities for co-presence in the future.

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