Android devices are great, but sometimes, the version you get with your phone, whether its Stock Android or a custom UI something like Samsung’s TouchWiz, leaves a bit to be desired. Here’s how to install a new version of Android (or ROM) on your device for an even better Android experience. Before that lets learn some basics.

What Is A Custom ROM?

Custom ROM

Custom ROM is also knows as Custom firmware or aftermarket firmware  which is an modified or unreleased version of Firmware or an Android OS/Mod which gives you extra features or hidden features in your phone.! There are Tons of custom ROMs in market but most of them do the same task. The best ROMs which are found in internet are LineageOS,CyanogenMod or CMod.

Where To Download ROM For Your Device?

There is a portal which can help you to find good/best ROMs for your device. The portal is named XDA developers where we just need to select our device and it will show all the best available ROMS for your phone.!

Which Is The Best Available ROM?

Undoubtfully it is LineageOS the successor of the CynogenMod. It has many security features, Hidden root permissions and many more

How To Install A Custom ROM?

Hope you readers read our last article on how to root an Android device easily. Because we are going to use some steps from that article too.

Install Custom ROM

[Disclaimer: This procedure is highly technical. If the smartphone / tablet or any other device brick or damaged during the installation process, PUNAG cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage for any of your devices. Hence, the user has to perform the installation at their own risk.]

1. Follow the Step number 1 & 2 from the article how to root an Android device.

2. Go to XDA developers and select your device.

3. Select the ROM which you want to download.

4. Download them with Hash code.

5. Place those zip files in SD card of your phone if you have one or else place them in phone memory itself.

6. long press Power+Volume down buttons (in most of the phones.) and wait for fastboot to appear  and select recovery. (Or else in command prompt which is open in your computer type the following “adb reboot recovery”).

7. Wait for sometime TWRP will load.

8. Wipe data factory reset, Cache partition, Dalvik Cache and Format the System partition. This will delete all your data on your phone. You may consider complete backup of your phone data or take a NANDROID backup of the current ROM

Install Custom ROM

9. Install the zip file you placed on SD card (if confused follow step 5)

10. Reboot device .. Enjoy the ROM

You may have your device running on a new ROM but you will encounter that there is no Play store. We will hep you out for that too. Simply follow these simple steps.


1. Root your phone using step 3 in the link how to root an Android device.

2. Download Open Gapps APK using your browser and install it.

3. Give whatever permission it asks and let it download Gapps package.

4. Finally you will find an install button. Click on it. it will do the future steps.

Now enjoy extra features.!!

Hence, you followed all our steps and you finally have a rooted phone with some custom ROM we will help you how to secure your android device. The world is full of hackers,Virus we have a solution to protect you from these threats.!

Mobile Antivirus

Download a Firewall service so that it can block all unwanted things coming through internet into your phone. But the minimum requirement for firewall is your phone should be rooted.. And yes you are using rooted phone so just download a firewall using playstore . Should we suggest the best available firewall? yes we will It is Avast internet security in playstore.. I am using this from an year and it works better than any other firewall service found in internet.!

To become more secured read our article 8 Simple Tips to Browse Internet “More” Securely

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