Messenger lite. It is the app developed by Facebook for those users who are using very slow data connections. Specially for people who are in countries like India.!

But there is a problem. It is a messaging application right?Why should it require faster internet?because messages doesn’t need much data and also hence it is very very small why should we have any lighter version?? I was even thinking that “Facebook messenger which is lighter is simply a gimmick”. When my editor told me to write article on messenger light, I was thinking “Why.! Why should I do it?? ” But hence I can’t disobey her, I installed the app and used it for 15 days. And my thoughts has been changed now.

When Facebook launched Messenger Lite, they said “faster, uses less data, and works in all network conditions.”, which was simply a line which made many people think “I should install it.!” and many did too. Actually 301,128 android users installed this app within a week.!


The thing I really loved about this app was its speed. And simply my comic mind told “Fast,Faster, Fastest then comes Messenger Lite.!” Hence I wanted to explore it’s speed more and more, I just switched my network to 2G That too BSNL! (You know the speed of BSNL 2G is like you divide your weight by 10 times the speed of light!),I started messaging my friends. The results were simply awesome. Where the SMS itself takes 4-5 minutes to get delivered to recipient the Lite took 1/2 to 2.5 seconds on an average to send it.

And it was mind-blowing. Simply to make it worse, I went to a place where I could get hardly -89dBm network strength. (-88 dBm is the signal strength where even the first signal bar disappears.!) And mobile started showing up G in the network bar. But still the app worked. I sent a SMS first and then using Messenger Lite, sent the same message. While Messenger took 15 long seconds, SMS was showing error each time I try.! Truly we should appreciate the work by Facebook on thinking about the situation of people who have very slower data connection.!

But unfortunately, iPhone users you are unlucky because it’s not even near yet.! but you can wait.It’ll come.!

And here is what you are going to loose.! Which are my very favorite features too.

1. Voice and video calling

2. App extensions (Spotify)

3. GIFs

4. Android: Chat heads

5. Android: The ability to use Messenger as your SMS / texting app

facebook messenger lite

But still you’ll thank Facebook for removing these features in this app.!

1. Messenger Day (a clone of Snapchat stories)

2. Games

3. Bots. All the bots.

4. Aggravating “reminders” to sync your contacts and message people

5. Lag and stuttering (Messenger Lite is fast)

6. Extra megabytes (Lite takes up less space on your phone)

7. Probably a lot of other annoying things that I haven’t yet come to appreciate

I was really surprised by the way it worked on extreme conditions. It clearly shows that nothing can be impossible.! Yes there is a bug too.! Yeah 1 bug which made me irritate is I chatted with my friends using my laptop and checked it in Lite, The Lite was simply scrolling all the texts i sent him in the home page itself. You should use this app if you are using very slow internet, And also if you hate some features like status,remiders,extra data being used,SMS features and more you should definitely use it.

With a degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Vishnuprasad is interested in Robotics, Networking, Cyber Security, Programing, Testing. He has a good knowledge in Linux and Windows and has knowledge over more than 15 programing languages.

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