Well to begin with, Bengaluru has developed a new fascination for different types of Beers and that’s the reason Brew Pubs and Microbreweries are the new hits in this garden city.

For the love of freshly brewed beer, Team Punag hopped into a happening place called Brewklyn Microbrewery, located at CMR Road, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru.

Why Brewklyn?

Yes, it is completely inspired from the borough of New York, Brooklyn. Since 1898, Brooklyn is known as one of the great beer brewing capitals of the country. Thus, the place and the process of brewing some fresh ‘gold’ amalgamated to form ‘Brew’klyn Microbrewery.

The Beer


They have – Brewklyn Finest (Belgian Wit Beer), Ale Capone (American Pale Ale), Woody Ale’n (British Pale Ale), Iron Mike (Dark Wheat), Biggie (Traditional German Lager) and Seasonal Beer as well. This season, it was Mango Wheat Beer. You can imagine how the freshness of a Mango would taste in a freshly brewed beer. Ale Capone and Biggie is what I liked the most.

Pro Tip: For those, who are not so beer fans, do try Brewklyn Finest. You are bound to love it. 🙂 Unlike the usual beer, this is not so bitter in taste. Thanks to the coriander and orange mix with aftertaste of fruit and other spices.

Beer Cocktails


This is something you might not knew existed. ‘Shandy’ from the menu is what I ordered and I must admit I wasn’t disappointed at all. Beer mixed with aerated soft drink and lemonade had a very smooth yet refreshing taste.



Crispy Kurkure Vegetables & Jalapeno Cheese Bites – Even if you are not so Veggie fan, these are must-haves if you are in Breklyn.


We tried Bonnet Chicken and Tawa Lamb next. Though completely inspired from Continental, but most of their dishes had a Asian or we must say Indian tinge to it. Butter Garlic Prawns is a combination of subtle flavours (as it is supposed to be) but was overlaid by hot spicy flavour. Just loved it. These exotic tastes are a hit-it-off with beer.

Main Course



Seafood Biriyani, Thai Green Curry with Plain Rice, and Costal Chicken Curry. Tasted everything and for me the winner is Seafood Biriyani. Not so hot or spicy like Hyderabadi biriyani. The flavors of King Fish & Prawn was just in complete fusion in the mouth.



Brewklyn had quite a delicious desserts like Apple Creme Pie Cheese Cake, Mango Panacota, and Chocolate Fondue. But Hot Choco lava cake with a Cold Vanilla ice cream scoop is the best combination. After the beer and seafood biriyani, this is what you need to sooth your tastebuds.

The Ambiance


Well, a table of Billiards, live sports screening, WiFi, beer taps in the counter, open air sitting area, roof top for exclusive party booking, which can accomodate almost 150 people and a separate smoking area. What more to ask for? The interior is intelligently designed like a fun zone, a party hopping and hangout place for friends or a get together.


Do visit this place and let us know what you liked the most? The food, the ambiance or the beer?


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