Holi is just around the corner and you might be thinking about how to dress up right for this festival. Unlike other Indian festivals, Holi demands a twist. There is no way you are wearing things you wear for other traditional Indian festivals. Here, you need to go out and get messy with colors, yet look stylish! Sounds difficult? Not really! There are a lot of ways in which you can style up for Holi and yet keep yourself in a comfortable yet safe spot when it comes to your ease and your safety in terms of protecting your skin and hair from the harsh colors and chemicals. So, make sure you look good and feel good at the same time this Holi! Here are some tips for Holi dresses.


Holi Dresses

All you have to decide is whether you are going just for a party or are you gonna be playing with colors, depending on that you can try to make yourself look fashionable.

For women White Salwar Kameez is an evergreen Trend, apart form that you can wear a razor back ganji and heram pants, Hot pants paired with tank top, shirt, or even a crop top for all those sexy ladies, and last but not the least go bold and wear a saree! PS: Keep in mind not to wear transparent material, which might make you uncomfortable during Holi.

For the Handsome men out there there is no other better fabric than cotton, and its your best friend, wear a cotton kurta or a shirt paired with Shorts or Patiala, which is the most comfortable option.


hairstyle for holi

Your long tresses are the most important thing to protect during holi, I know all you ladies out there would love to look gorgeous with your hair laid down, but why not take this opportunity to do a little champi and try out that French braid, and various other braided hairdos. This is a cheat sheet to look trendy and shield your hair as well. You can also try the bandanas and caps to give a twist to your outfit plus your hair is safer!

Make Up

makeup for holi

Yes I know you don’t want to go without it, why not try your natural nude look with sheen? Apply some baby oil all over your skin and add that Kajal on which should make you look gorgeous and safeguard your precious skin from the colors!


Flip Flops for holi

Holi is probably the only day you can show off your flip-flops in public and how! Pick a pair of amazing yet comfortable flip-flops and style them with your clothes to match and complete your perfect Holi outfit!
We hope with these simple yet useful tips on what to wear this Holi, you are pretty much ready to rock that Holi party!

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