Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo, aka Evita, born with moles all over her body, recently entered the Miss Universe Malaysia competition. The 20-year old lady is from Sabah and was born with various-sized mole-like birthmarks all over her face and body, but she broke all stereotypes by auditioning for Miss Universe.

Her classmates bullied her by calling her ‘monster’, ‘chipsmore’ and ‘choclate chip cookie’ because of the multiple large, hairy dark brown moles and lumps. This stage of childhood wasn’t easy for her. She became too shy and timid.

She was so doleful at certain point of time that she decided to remove the moles. She consulted a doctor for the same but she was informed that it could risk her health.

It’s my dream ❤ Thank God 🙏

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“In fact, I’ve even asked my dad to come to the school to scold the mean kids! Luckily, the bullying lessened later on. My mother taught at my high school, so I was lucky to have support from her and the other teachers. It was when I attended a church camp at the age of 16 that I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others. This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look.” Elle Malaysia reported.

Evita loves cats and presently she is working part-time at a cat cafe. When asked by Elle about why she decided to try out for Miss Universe, she said, it was her dream to try in the platform of Miss Universe Malaysia and it is a good way to showcase her uniqueness and confidence. She has recently auditioned for the pageant and is hoping to get a call-back soon.

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