As Kids from the 90’s we were extremely influenced by the TV shows like Friends, Sabrina the teenage witch, Felicity, Blossoms, Saved by the Bell, Sex & the City and more. These were the iconic fashion #trendsetters during the 90’s. ‘Friends’ was the ultimate the millennial hit of the generation for which there has been no replacement!

Jenifer Aniston alone carried off most of the 90’s Trend in the most admirable way! Whether it was the Denim Dungarees, Slip dress over a t-shirt, Turtleneck, shorts + Tights Combo, schoolgirl outfit, boot cut jeans + cami top!


Phoebe Buffay the ultimate; who was always an overdose of fashion and never shy to put it all out there! Her all famous subway singer look, Muppet-esque orange fur coat, slip dress + jacket + legging + ankle boots combo, psychedelic pink disaster, the crazy hippie look, turtle neck t-shirt + slip dress.


Monica Geller was another iconic figure who touched our hearts with her dramatic weight loss story and her impeccable fashion elements like: Crop top + low waist jeans, Iconic Slip dress, Dress with tights, Crop shirt with mini skirt, Button down dress, Sweater top + Floral skirt.


Joey Tribbiani never once failed to crack us all up did he? His handsomeness melted our hearts right away! His style quotient was always a level higher than the rest for example : The serious actor look, The Doctor look, The sports buff – jacket+cap+tracks, I’m the cloth man look, Sweat shirt + diaper + low waist jeans + monkey cap, The tom boy look.


So peeps didn’t this take you down the beautiful memory lane during your 90’s when your squad used to watch the TV show back to back on the couch!

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