If I had to make a list of top 10 things to do in Bangalore OR best getaway outings during the weekend, then apart from visiting Bangalore Palace and the best breweries, visiting mystery rooms would definitely make the list.

You can’t deny that some part of you always loved the detective stories and mysteries and you always fascinated to be Bomkesh Bakshi. This love makes you do a lotta things like – You may be a thriller movie lover, can’t live without playstation, or you can watch Sherlock Holmes’ series endlessly.

But, what if I say you gotta be the Super Hero by solving a mystery, by playing a real life game, by diffusing a bomb or by being abducted…!


Well, Mystery rooms is a theme based escape game concept, where you or your team would be locked in a room and with the help of a lot of clues you need to find a way out.

Recently Team Punag has visited Mystery Rooms, where we played the game called ‘Hurt Locker.’ We were a team of four police officers who were responsible to save everybody’s life. We were not only supposed to diffuse the bomb but also to find it out in the first place, and the verdict is – we absolutely loved it – the concept, the execution, and the game themes.


Added Advantage – You get lifelines to play the game. No human interactions other than your team. The clues are delivered to you through an LCD screen. You get real-life experience as the rooms are dark and clues are pretty tough to crack as well. For an hour you get to be a Sherlock.

Presently there are four games in Bangalore Mystery Rooms, but they are way ahead in their planning for their upcoming new gaming concepts.

“I went to Mystery Rooms bangalore recently for a fun time with my family. Me and my brother are ardent fans of hidden object puzzles and game and we used to play when we were kids! I thought to give my brother and dad a surprise and I just went ahead and booked the room according to our preferred slot. We were given 60 minutes to escape the room and we did it in our first attempt! It was a good family bonding experience for me. I would recommend it again and again.”Biswajeeta Rath, a Digital Marketing professional from Bangalore.

Payel Bhowmick, Founder of PUNAG, has an M.A. in Mass Communication, passionate Content Writer and Digital Marketing expert who has an excellent eye for detail. She has this rare combination of interest for travel, food and can go any distance to savoring good food.


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